SBA Mitigation and Homeownership Retention

     Lender Fraud Law Suits maybe the most effective method to address the mortgage lender fraud and most of the predatory lending catastrophe. It’s been conclusively shown that when one or all of the following Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP) features are employed almost all Americans can afford their home:



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SBA Mitigation

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  •  A reduced interest rate down to 2% A.P.R
  • Extended term up to 480 months
  • Addressing as much of the Principal Loan Balance as needed by forbearing or forgiving required amount to allow the remaining principal and interest tax and insurance payment not to exceed 31% of the Gross Income.

So why do so many homeowners who are entitled to this Government endorsed program continue to get foreclosed upon? Some believe that the same parties that:

  • Intentionally created unsustainable exotic mortgage loans to increase their bottom line.
  • Are reported to make even more from your partial payments under the guise of a potential Loan Modification.
  • Benefit from the reported “SHARED LOSS” agreement the FDIC granted them to make up foreclosure losses.
  • Profit from the re- Sale of your property (often sell home back to their affiliate, LLC or subsidiary)
  • Government subsidy thru T.A.R.P funds. (Your Tax Payer Money)

     Lenders choose to reject homeowners for sensible Loan Modifications for increased profits, hence why we strongly recommend a more aggressive legal approach when lender fraud is identified that may invalidate the enforceability of the home loan contract.



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